Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Okay...last purchase for a while. Really.

They're just so... unique... and... pretty.... and... I... kind of fell in love. They needed me. I had no choice. They were rock-bottom cheap. They're collectors items. I, uh, can't find any other earrings to wear with my new kimono. Hey, look, I don't need to justify myself, okay?

Uh, sorry about that...I know you were just sitting there, minding your own business.

What...me, defensive? Oh yeah? Well maybe you're the one who's defensive, eh Guilty McGuilticuty? Ever consider that?

Besides...they're my reward for, uh, working 12-hour days for the last 2 months. There: justified.

Ah, sweet self-delusion.


At 5:11 AM , Blogger bobbysan said...

Confucious say relish your purchase for it make you richer inside.


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