Thursday, May 04, 2006

Like a lizard in a blanket...

This entry is sort of an appendix to my earlier posting about the return of the Miami Vice look for men.

Women have been experimenting with skinny jeans for a few years now. I love retro looks. But as Stacey London of What Not to Wear (American version) has said (and I don't agree with everything she says--for example, I find the 'jeans and blazer uniform' really boring), this look is good on no one. It's not meant to look good, I guess. It's supposed to look hip. But that only really works if your skinniness is part of your coolness, a la Chrissy Hynde, whose gawkiness is sexy. Let's face it, though--there's only one Chrissy Hynde.

So for me, the skinny jeans = not so much. But a new chapter has opened in this story, people. Or should I say a new line has been crossed. It's the return of the skinny pants look for men. And it chills me to the bone.

I remember the 80s. I was there. (God help me, I sound like my mother talking about the 60s). I did the lie- down- use- coat- hanger- to- zip- jeans thing. But that doesn't mean I want to see my husband doing that. Ever.

The jeans in this photo aren't too bad. But you've just got to know there will be abusers. Recall, if you will, how quickly the tight jeans trend for men devolved to the 'it's manly to wear spandex' trend and the dawn of the whole heavy metal look. Do we really want to go there again? And if so, why? What deep reptilian impulse drives the wheels of fashion toward the skidding death-plunge that is men's skinny jeans? I'm afraid. You should be too.


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