Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fall 07 RTW - Same vintage look as Spring 07 RTW, only tightsier

Overall, the Fall 07 RTW collections in NYC are NEI (Not especially innovative). But it's kind of nice to see the vintage-inspired looks of the last season or two carried forward into the new year, if only for the sake of our pocketbooks. Basically, wear your flirty spring 07 clothes (or, preferrably, your authentic vintage gear) with a nice cardi, black tights, and maybe a bright pair of pumps or booties. And don't forget your adorable Paddington Bear coat.

Some of my favourite looks so far have been from Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Adam + Eve, and Jill Stuart:

Marc Jacobs

Probably the most interesting collection I've seen so far. I love his 70s-does-20s Coppola-esque Gatsby-meets mid-60s romantic comedy feel.

What's intriguing here is the dearth of "fall colours" in this fall collection and the introduction of brights--distictively 60s. I also propose that Jacobs has actually intersected the mid-60s and mid-70s--two "micro-eras" which really had an esthetic that was very different from the earlier and later parts of those decades. I find it fascinating that he has isolated these particular moments, since they are the ones often ignored and overlooked by regular stylistas, and even vintageistas--or at least so it seems if you look at what's often left on the racks in the vintage shops/online stores.

There's also a Hepburnesque (Audrey) feel to this collection that I am required, as a blood-bound AH fan, to love. And I do.

The silhouette really is the strength of this collection. Think long and slim and easy with a little sass. Focus is on overall silhouette and legs in particular. Lots of great, attitude-demanding hats as well. Beautiful


Again with the hats and the tights, but also with a very elegant interpretation of that 60s thang we've seen. There is a soupcon of 90s grunge in here too.

Beautiful menswear in this collection as well. This all-gray ensemble is quite preppy, but the slacks make it more sophisticated than sophomoric.


The menswear in this collection is very nice. So are the men modelling it, but that's...another story.

I adore a British mod look on a man. A slim trouser with a very straight or even slightly tapered line. A cool vest and/or shirt and/or cardigan and/or hoodie and/or tie. And a good jacket/sportcoat (although "sportcoat" sounds too North American for a Brit look) is a must.

This, again, puts me in mind of Gatsby. But the 70s version of 20s.

Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart was decidedly more mod. I love the brights in this collection. The blues, yellows, oranges...beautiful. And I have to confess that I adore those big bulbous hats. I seem to recall a photo of my mom in a white one...I thought she looked like a princess.


At 6:43 PM , Blogger kim. said...

I LOVE that cute little Jill Stuart outfit! And in almost every photo you posted of a chick she's wearing a hat. Guess hats are in - not so good for really short haired chicks like me.


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