Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall 08 - Time for coats!

Time for the fall vintage coat roundup!

Now, I know the weather has been unseasonably warm in northeastern North America this week. But that will abate once God and the Universe finish celebrating the Obama victory by raining warmth and happiness down upon us. Winter, ladies, is as inevitable as wrinkles and...wait...I forgot about global warming. Okay, well, wrinkles are still inevitable.

Let's see what our vintage purveyors have on offer...

This red leather belted hooded coat isn't normally something I would warm to, although I did buy a $40 red leather coat at the local vintage fair last year with full intentions to get the collar tailored--of course, I was pregnant and hormonal beyond your wildest imagination at the time--it's hanging in the basement at the moment, untailored and forlorn. Still, don't you find that with vintage leather coats it's all about colour and fit? If you find something in a really gorgeous colour, like this one from Posh Girl--especially when it's belted, which means it's easy to make the fit work for your body--then it's relatively easy to get the costumey period details (like big lapels) chopped down to a more manageable modern size.

Consider, also, this lovely peacoatish 60s cape in a gorgeous coral/crimson...It would be divine with opera-length gloves in light tan, charcoal, or soft dove gray.

Now I know what you're thinking...all this jean jacket is missing is patchwork bell bottoms and a Lee Majors tee. But it's the fit of this Posh Girl jean jacket that makes it intriguing. Check out the measurements. If they work for you, you just might have found yourself the best-fitting jean jacket of your life. All you'd need to do is, again, get the collar tailored and--if you aren't big on magical sparkly rainbows--take it to a t-shirt place to either get the rainbow removed or cover it with something less...happy. we're moving along to the GORGEOUSNESS portion of this blog entry. This rose velvet 50s beaut from Fashion Dig is pretty stunning. The collar! So unique! So feminine! If you feel you can handle the power of its uber-femininity, wiggle your little hips on over to Fashion Dig.

Here's another lovely wrap, in a safer colour, a Donna Karan from the 80s. The pushed-up sleeves are very au courant. This coat would also be interesting shortened to a car-coat length.

It's hard to resist these pretty 50s dress coats. Sure it's s a little over the top, but IT'S SO PRETTY. Aren't collar bows the bomb?...The grey tweed makes this coat kind of timeless. From Vintageous.

Vintageous is really rocking the coat department. This 40s coat with military-influenced stylings is truly cool, and the silhouette will never go out of style (at least, it hasn't in 60 years).

Plaid is big this year. Here's a unique twist on what amounts to a lot of black and red 80s-wannabe plaid floating around out there...This one comes in pretty cream and navy. From Vintageous.

Don't you love the look of a pretty embroidered coat worn with a dress that matches? So Jackie O. Wouldn't this be lovely with a simple green or yellow or beige wool shift underneath? Some people think matching hem lengths are passe, but I think it's ultimately chic to have your coat and dress hem length match.

Another 50s coat from Vintageous. This creamy delight would be really sophisticated with a modern belt--a skinny belt in dark grey or brown patent leather, perhaps?

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At 12:30 PM , Blogger nicole said...

so great to see you here, sister! :)

we're planning to re-vamp our company holiday party to a vintage soiree and I referred the girls to your blog as required reading ;-) hee hee.

always fun to read. hope this finds you and C,C,J fantastic.

xo n

At 2:35 PM , Blogger whyioughtta said...

Niks! Thanks for dropping by! A vintage soiree sounds like such a FANTASTIC idea that I'm going to fill my next post with suggestions for what to wear. Are you restricting it to a particular era?

At 10:01 PM , Blogger nicole said...

ha! well... the event is early december (13th I think) so we didn't know if we'd be able to pull it together in time to do it this year- but maybe I'll have to re-poll the crew. Have to admit it was not my idea but I think it's swell... Let's see... which era.. not sure? Any recos for a first try & maybe something that wouldn't be as hard to find or mimic?

the girls will love this :)

At 5:22 AM , Blogger whyioughtta said...

Nik: I've got my (circa 1953) thinking cap on and will make some recos in the upcoming post! Keep your lovely eyes peeled! Ta darling!

At 7:12 PM , Blogger nicole said...

fabulous! we're all looking forward to your next post.

before we get too far from election day though, let me point you to this article I quite enjoyed.. (you've probably already read it if not drafted your own POV.. not really one for vintage, but...) ;-)

enjoy :)


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