Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keep a lid on it

Here in the city in (near) which I live, I'm seeing an interesting trend: men sporting cool lids. You'd have to live here to get the full impact of that statement, but let's just say it's nice to see the boys embracing head-coverings other than baseball caps with beer logos on them. And variety? You have your newsboys, your fedoras, your military caps, the occasional well-intentioned cowboy hat...they're really mixing it up.

Yep, the local lads are metrosexualizing nicely.

Surprisingly, though, I haven't really noticed a corresponding rise in millinery for the ladies. At least not in this town. You'd think that the blistering heat of global warming and threat of skin cancer would fuel the fire, so to speak.

Maybe it's because while hats conceal, they also reveal. There's something about a girl in a jaunty hat that says "Look at me. I am not afraid to stand out." Not everyone is comfortable with that.

Ladies, take a page from chic gals like Audrey and cover your cranium in style. Let's go for it. I admit, some of these vintage hats are a little over the top, but then again...they were all the rage once, so can't they be again? In a world that gets much too heavy, a little roof-top levity might be just what we need:

From Vintage Vixen:

A fabulous straw hat like this absolutely gorgeous one will keep the UV rays at bay while shooting your coolness quotient into the stratosphere.

Straw and ribbon for your girlier moments...

Purple feathers! Purple FEATHERS! PURPLE feathers!

What more is there to say?

This is called a portrait hat. Although this one's from the 40s, there's something very 70s about it. The raspberry colour...divine.

A 1950s flowerpot hat. Your pretty little face is the flower.

From Posh Girl:

It takes a special girl to sport a 1970s pimp-style fedora. If you can handle faux fur, long feathers, and extreme over-the-eye jauntiness, this may be for you. You cheeky little thing.

For the rest of us, there are standard fedoras (fedorai?) or the lovely oversized model to the left. I'm a little bored with standard fedoras, to be honest...(Damn celebrities! They ruin everything!) But this hep number captured my interest.

From Unique Vintage:

Isn't this the coolest? I wonder how it would look over red hair...Might be interesting. So over the top 60s cool...


At 10:39 AM , Blogger Stylefinder said...

Ooh, I love hats! I have about 10 hats in my growing collection. In fact I am wearing a navy tweed cap today! (Or was, until I got to the office.) There is a hat store called Edie's Hats on Granville Island that is like millinery heaven.

nexti time you're in VanCity you should totally check it out!

The only thing that's tricky about hats is how to style your hair underneath it, in order to minimize hathead.

At 10:59 AM , Blogger whyioughtta said...

Welcome back, Stylefinder!

First: Edie Hats: the spotted linen crusher (swoon)! the linen grace (double swoon)! (Ni_de_Montreal: take note, my friend!). I will definitely drop in to Edie's next time I'm out there.

Second: Couldn't agree more re: hat head. I've done a little research and...

Here's an article with a good tip for people with straight hair:

And Edie itself offers this little tidbit:

(On a related note, did you know there's a Hat Head National Park in Australia? Blimey! Now that's True Blue!)

At 1:45 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I love those hats, they are so cute!

At 3:49 PM , Blogger The Stiletto Effect said...

i love those hats :)

At 6:11 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Those hats are so funky, I love the second last one!

At 9:23 AM , Blogger whyioughtta said...

I's so glam, isn't it?


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