Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh how I want the $200 cashmere panties...

Mon dieu. Mon bon, bon dieu. Que ces culottes sont jolies. Sacre bleu!

Featured here because they are so incredibly fabulicious and made in a vintage tradition, using the lost art of silk-thread panty fabrication, and because they are CASHMERE PANTIES, and because you can tell just by looking at them that they're so, so soft. In fact, all of this designer's lingerie looks like every fantasy you or your man has ever had about French lingerie. (One is called 'Kept Woman'--how scintillatingly Parisian...) Made of silk. And feathers. And ribbony things!

Behold the sexiness and weep.

Designed by Gentry Lane, whose Francophilia is an obsession that I can completely relate to. Fabricated by beautiful, slim, well-paid French women in a gorgeous courture house in Paris. Ooo la la.


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