Thursday, July 13, 2006

Falling for leg-gauntlets

You may have heard the 80s are back, but don't buy too completely into the hype. The real inspiration for Fall 2006 is an entirely different 80s altogether: the 1480s. The original leggings era.

In a sort of 'ultimate newage' moment, the world's top fashion tempests are giving a nod to the stylin' farthingales and gauntlets sported by the likes of those post-Medieval rockstars, Queen Elizabeth 1 ("QE1") and Fra Lippo Lippi ("FraLo").

The House of Chanel is, for me, the couturier that no doubt supplies the well-dressed set in Heaven. Just as I picture Bjork's being the voice played throughout the Heavenly firmament, I imagine that the Big G himself turns to Coco for styling advice.

However, (although I would probably be throttled for it were my readership to exceed five) I must say that I have never been the biggest Lagerfeld fan. I haven't always liked where he has taken Chanel in the past. In Fall 06, though, he has made a few cool innovations that are in a vintage/newage vein and which deserve some airplay on this rarely viewed blog.

For instance, the full-leg-jean-boots. These are like gauntlets for the legs. Gleglets. And I love them. In his own show in NYC, he did them in the softest kid leather. Love, love, love. Here, he pairs denim ones with his Renaissance designs for Chanel. I think they are just so rock and roll.

I normally HATE suits (especially on me) but I LOVE this pom-pomy Chanel Renaissuit.

This red hooded coat would make QE1 herself drool. And the hair jewellery along the models’ parts is very cool.

I feel strongly that Coco herself would adore this gown. Oh la la.

When the concept goes too far

Airport security around the world must be quaking in their gleglets over this little trend. Suits of armour. Oh, sorry—make that half suits of armour. A full suit would be too 'obvious'. The model doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it any more than we are. Sorry Dior, but the armoured duds are duds.

Back to the pretty

Valentino, Gaultier, and Lacroix—shown here respectively--are all on the Renaissance bandwagon (or I guess that would be wooden cart in this case?), all with a subtle vintage/newage nod that is profoundly modern. Beautiful.

Here’s to a regal Fall 06.


At 2:05 PM , Blogger angrycandy said...

now, you know i usually agree with you completely about fashion, but i dunno, most of the renaissance pics didn't do it for me...i don't know why...hmmm...perhaps it's because i have short legs. all that boot/leglet stuff only looks good if you're skinny and 6 feet tall (as whyioughtta is if anyone is curious) and although i don't usually look at high fashion with an eye as to what would look good on me (that would be ridiculous), perhaps, deeply ingrained in me is an aversion to those long legged topped with triangular short body shapes those portrayed with the boots and coat/suit thingies...definitely agree about the armour though, that shit's crazy...and redeeming qualities whatsoever...


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