Monday, November 10, 2008

Retro party girls!

My good friend Niks and her (clearly stylish and enlightened) co-workers have decided to have a retro-themed holiday party this year. Niks is fatally styling, and I have no doubt that she and her colleagues can tease out a great theme of their own. But if you’ll indulge me, I’ve done a little fantasizing…and online vintage shopping…on their behalf

Theme 1: Noel in Paree (circa 1920s)

This a wild, sparkly, chandelier-lit soiree at le Ritz Paris in the golden age of Coco Chanel (before the sweater-suit). Josephine Baker is on stage in her coconut shell bikini and grass skirt singing “J’ai deux amours” while you sip champagne and nibble canapés and trade witticisms avec tous tes amis.


  • Sparkle (beaded embellishment, jet-black beaded jewellery, beaded headbands)
  • Silk, silk, silk
  • Egyptian and Asian motifs
  • Fringe and feathers (please, no hot pink boas though)
  • Stockings, garters and t-strap pumps
  • Loose and short dresses
  • Bobs, bangs, and pincurls
  • Cloche hats and wide-brimmed hats
  • Heavy black eyes and a simple red mouth


From Posh Girl

(NOTE FROM AUTHOR: You are the most gorgeous purple cloche hat of all time. If you were mine, I would worship and wear you forever. If I had $260 to spare, you WOULD BE MINE and we would never, ever part.

I need you. I need you utterly.)

(You are very very pretty too...)

From Robin Clayton Vintage

From Hemlock

From Vintage Violet

From Past Perfect Vintage

As they ask on the site: belt or necklace? The decision is yours. Either way, it's a bead-iful authentic 20s accessory.

From Vintage Textile

From Unique Vintage
Note...these are reproductions of "flapper dresses." Some of them are pretty. However, I resent how they have changed the lines of the dresses to be more modern or, as I see it, more tarty. The whole point of flapper dresses was the loose fit. Women were free. Women were swingy. Women did not look like extras from Dancing With the Stars. Women did not wear their hair in strange topknots. But I include these for your consideration nonetheless, since they can be quite lovely.

Please just try to ignore the racy gal with the confusing hairdo.

Theme 2: Merry Vampmas (circa 1930s-1940s)

This is Old Hollywood glamour, babies. You are Marlene Dietrich. You wear satin trousers. You aren’t afraid of (faux ?) fur. You have pencil-thin eyebrows and you know how to use them.


  • Flowing satin trousers and man-styled shirts
  • Chunky wedge-style shoes
  • Satin, satin, satin
  • Dramatic jewellery
  • Soft wavy hair OR slicked-back, masculine, side-parted with a chignon
  • Plummeting necklines
  • Exposed backs and/or midriff cutouts


From Posh Girl

From Vintage Textile

This is from the 1970s, but has a very 30s feel to it...

(You are fabulous too!)

Theme 3: Christmas at Tiffany’s (circa late 1950s/early 1960s)

It's the original martini party. Check out Breakfast at Tiffany’s—especially the scene where Holly hosts a little get-together in her teensy apartment, which gets wonderfully out of hand.


  • Hourglass-shaped wiggle dresses and cute pumps
  • Bright pinks, blues, mustards, and—of course—the LBD
  • Original earrings
  • Opera-length gloves
  • Cute little boxy clutches
  • False lashes and black-lined eyelids with soft pink or beige lipstick


From Vintage Textile

These earrings are too cool...they hook onto your ears!

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At 4:52 AM , Blogger Dominica said...

What a beautiful yellow embroidered little hat ! I totally understand your love for it !
Love your blog !

take care !

At 7:33 PM , Blogger nicole said...

you are THE. BEST!!!!! I'm sending out the link right NOW!!!

At 2:58 PM , Blogger whyioughtta said...

Trust me, you gals did me the favour...I loved having an assignment!

At 8:19 AM , Blogger justbecausefashion said...

nice post darling!

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