Thursday, September 21, 2006

Spring 07 RTW: Newage Highlights

My eyes are on fire cap'n! On fire I tell ya!

I've been systematically scanning the footage of the Spring 07 fashion week shows in NYC and London. I'd be lying if I said I've gone through everything, but I have checked out a goodly chunk of them.

Clothes: Beautiful: So Many.
There were lots and lots of things I loved that are kind of fresh and new, and thus don't really fall under the auspices of Stylaholic: Jonesin' for Vintage. But the 'vintage look' remains strong, so there are are a number of lovely newage pieces to enjoy. Here are some of my favourites:

From Anna Sui:

I'm loving Anna Sui's George-V-goes-punk esthetic. This lace dress is beautiful...but I prefer the outfit from the shins up. I've seen a close-up of this dress, and the details of the choker, the neckline, and the pendant are all really special.

The real value of this outfit happens from the waist up. The skirt is un peut de trop. But I'd happily sport the amAYzing jacket, bien sure, as well as the cool black ribbon detail. I'd like to add that this model is absolutely stunning. (Big surprise there.)

(Not fancying the superchunk sandals.)

I'm not really a skull-sporter--that's more my sister's department--but I love this silk skull necktie and sweater. It's both a little Oliver Twist and a little twisted.

From Zac Posen:
Zac Posen's collection was probably my favourite.

This. Oh my. Sweet, sweet heaven and all the choirs of angels. Never before have I loved in quite this way.

Whitey-satiny loveliness. Some weird optical illusion going on in her belly area though. Note to self: don't wear white satin dresses on bloaty days.

Redy-ribbonish perfection. Puts me in mind of Marilyn's Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend number.

This is so 40s fab. I've seen other snaps of this heavenly dress and this one doesn't do justice to the fabulous green. It's actually much brighter and richer: gorgeous.

I'd wear this in a nano-second, if I had anywhere to wear it. (Sniff.) I know puffy sleeves are controversial, but I don't care what you say, I think it's fab--Jerry Seinfeld be damned. Love it. Dietrich agrees.

Something more practical, perhaps? Voila.

I like this because it blends a little shirt-dress with a pinch of wiggle dress (50s) and a dab of 60s Sgt Pepper something. Sort of a shirt-jacket-dress with a cool "display" collar. Loving the skinny belt too--have picked up many for myself this year.

As an aside, if you're short-waisted like me, try a skinny belt--they work wonders, honey. If you're long-waisted, I steer you firmly yet gently away from them in the same way that I steer us short-waisted girls from wrapping big wide belts around our 'natural' waists and thus looking like large rectangles. (Wearing them lower down works, though.)

Okay, back to the goods:

Really like this look. Love the 70s-ish navy ruffle-collar "office girl" blouse. I like how the ruffles are understated rather than poet-like. I'm not a big fan of poet-like ruffles down the front of a shirt. Shudder.

Love the 40s-ish shorts, love the cool little 60s-ish jacket.

And I love that the shoes are delicate rather than chunky--very flattering and leg-lengthening.

From Biba:

This is one of my all-time favourite colours ever. I've seen it in satin this year, and it got me very very excited.

The neckline is glorious, the colour is wonderful. I love the hippiness of it (as in hippie, not hippy), the high waist--one of my favourite trends--the simplicity and ease of it. It's just a fantastic dress all around. Unless it's gauchos. I can't tell.

Either way, loving it.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on shirt dresses. This one from Biba is very 70s--isn't it cool? Doesn't it just look so easy to wear? Ease and chic go hand-in-hand, mes petites.

Thanks for dropping in!


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