Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The accidental fashion innovator...

Turns out this vintage stylaholic is a fashion innovator. Mmmm-hmmm.

I started this blog one year ago--March 2006. It was in those first heady days of vintage blogging that I coined the term "newage" to refer to new looks that cop a heavily vintage feel.

This month, W magazine released a feature on retrofuturistic (MY TERM...hear that, W magazine?) hairstyles entitled...Newage.

Of course...they didn't ask for permission to use the term. That's not very chic of them, is it? And I'm not making any money from it. Hmmmm...regrettable. And, er, perhaps they aren't totally aware of my existence. Or... maybe they are. Maybe one of their interns was scanning style blogs and she saw the term and dropped it in an editorial meeting...and...voila: fait plagie.


Maybe they spontaneously created the same term.

Either way, same wavelength and all that. To David Sims of W magazine: congrats a very beautiful collection of photography.

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