Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Into the 60s

There's something very 60s about's a vernal equinox, warm golden sunlight on your hair, sunshine of your love, less makeup and more freckles sort of thing. And, of course, a DRESS thing. Dresses! Fun, freeing, flowing dresses.

A few cool 60s finds to consider:

From Posh Girl

1. Pucci-pucci-poo

The Pucci(esque) print is quite life-affirming in some way. These may not be authentic Puccis, but they are authentically cute.

2. Hip and mini

There's good hippie and there's bad hippie. This is good hippie. The sleeves make it splendid.

3. Fl-wow-er power

Just one more molecule of cuteness would have pushed this dress over into costume territory, but it maintains its wearability.

4. Let's polka

You can't be sad when you listen to polka music. It's scientifically impossible. I believe the same scientific rule applies to these wonderful multi-sized polka dots.

From Vintage Vixen

5. Lady of the corn

Either you're a person who would wear a hot pink sheath with a lovely embroidered cornstalk, or you're not. Which girl are you?

6. My hibiscus runneth over

The flowers literally overrun their borders on this pretty number.

7. My cerise amour

Cherries are one of this stylaholic's favourite themes for clothing. On this dress, they're perfection.

8. Don't let it ruffle you

I've mentioned before, I'm not normally one for a big ruffle down the front, but this is so light and airy and pretty and...well, it's just lovely.

9. Hang 10

There's an amazing slew of sun dresses that came out of Hawaii in the 50s and 60s. I bought and reworked one myself 2 years ago. This one, with the little box pleat skirt, is perfect as is.

10. Innova-va-vations

The 60s were an era of amazing ingenuity in fashion. Some things that came out of it--vinyl underwear springs to mind--lost to natural selection. Others stand as strange missing links, evolutionary branches that didn't catch on, but made sense in their own way.

What first caught my eye on this one was the title: "Bohemian Red Paisley Strapless Sun Dress with Optional Sleeves"

Whu? Optional sleeves? What is this wonderment? But I must say that I actually really love this dress--both with and without sleeves. I understand the designer's dilemma.

This one is listed as a "sunsuit" with an optional skirt. I'm not totally convinced about the skirt, but this could be a manikin issue. The sunsuit on its own, though, is wonderful.

Happy Spring!